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>Does anyone remember if Jimmy Durante got his start  playing ragtime on Coney 
>Island? I remember reading a quote of his about I could  only play Dill 
>Pickles but they (the audience) always loved it. Later, I recall  someone writing 
>that he could only play the Maple Leaf Rag, a much more  difficult piece, so I 
>wonder which piece he could play. By the way, don't forget  his beloved radio 
>show, his always saying goodnight to Mrs. Callibash  (spelling?), and such 
>wonderful one liners as, "everybody wants to get into the  act," and "I've got a 
>million of em, (jokes)." A great entertainer  indeed!
>Dan (piano fingers) Spink
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Mrs. Callibash was the nick-name he had for his wife who had died years 
before. It was his way of saying "I love you" to his wife's 
spirit...hence "wherever you may be."
Don Ingle

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