[Dixielandjazz] Whistlers

william crist mensa-1 at webtv.net
Fri Jan 7 05:57:06 PST 2005

Here's a fun website I got from the Cool Trickets  and Trinkets
newsletter.  A lot of 
mp3 's to listen to.

Online Guide to Whistling Records 
Whistling, along with clapping, snapping, singing and humming, is part
of the original musical instrument that is the human body. More than
just something to do while you work, whistling was, at one point, a
genuine musical genre. 
Welcome to the obscure online guide to the world of whistling records.
You will find biographies on some of the great whistlers of all time, as
well as vintage album covers and extensive discographies. If you are
feeling the whistling vibe, download some of the over 100 MP3's
available for free. 
<a href=" http://www.whistlingrecords.com/ ">Click here</a> 

Bill Crist

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