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> It may have been a coincidence, but in my opinion the Rose Bowl was also the
> most entertaining of the major bowl games, won by the University of Texas
> 28-27 on the game's final play.  I am not a Texas alum, but a lot of my
> friends are.  It was a happy weekend in Austin.
> Regards,
> Dave Stoddard
> Round Rock, TX

Yes it was Dave, however having lived in Texas for more years than I like to 
remember, I refer to them as the "Dark Ages"  we should in all fairness tell 
the members on this list who do not have that wonderful experience that in 
Texas  or any other place they hold a sporting event, with a participant in the 
competition that is from Texas, it is considered by all Texans as the Most 
Entertaining event of the century,  be it a greased pig race, tractor pull, or cow 
tipping competition, beer drinking, distance peeing, or whatever.

The Texans will bet on and root and cheer for anything From Texas  :))

Heck if they were hanging tow guys from a Tree they would root for the Texan 
to die first. :))

And if he did they would name a Freeway after him or a beer or something.  


Tom "Former Texan"  Wiggins

 I was kidnapped by my parents from California and forced to live there for 
twelve years.    Fortunately I escaped and kidnapped them and my siblings and 
sneaked them back to California in 1951.

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