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Thu Jan 6 23:57:44 PST 2005

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> I know that you're a musician and not a mathematician, Bob. If there are 
> 460
> members and we each got a new member, then there would by 920 members.
> Stan "just keepin' you honest"
> Stan Brager

OH My Oh My Stan:

I guess we don't want to have Bob for an Agent for our bands huh?   wow the 
money might never split up right with his math,  :))   ha ha.    Or then again 
maybe that's why he is the fearless LEADER THESE DAYS, hummm  for two bands at 
a time, makes pretty good leaders fees.

Let's see fellas the gig paid $800.00 and there are five of us so that comes 
to $125.00 each right?   less, Gas and Beers, and pizza for all of us comes to 
$75.00 a man,  that's how I counted it,  wow you guys sure drank a lot of 
beer tonight,  Oh gosh I gotta go I have a very important appointment to book us 
another gig,   :))   Actual percentages may vary of course.

Of course you guys know Bob would never do that, and I am only poking a bit 
of sport at him, so hold the hate mail.

I have heard rumors however that he is getting a kickback from our DJML 
subscription dues. :))


Tom Wiggins

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