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Lackadaisy Lazy is a McPartland/Cary composition.  I have an arrangemnet of it in an old McPartland jazz folio from about the mid-sixties.  It's kind of a nice little tune with some odd chord changes and melody line, and his recording of it comes off pretty well.  Of course, with Dick Cary in there arranging things, you really can't go wrong.

A little story: Back in 1974, I was in NYC for a few days and stopped in at Jimmy Ryan's.  Jimmy McP was on the bandstand that night and, since I knew his trombone player pretty well (Bob Pratt), got to talking, one thing led to another, and they asked me to play intermission piano the next night.  On one of my sets I played "Lackadasiy Lazy".  Later that night when talking with Jimmy about the tune, he mentioned that he thought it sounded familiar, but he couldn't remember the title!!!  Talk about a shock!  I guess genius has it's down side.  Yes, I had a nice evening, good music and will never forget the experience.

If you need a copy, get back to me off list.

Rich Skrika
richard88jazz at att.net

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