[Dixielandjazz] "Stereoization"

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Thank you for your kind words Tom.  I might mention that I did 
"stereoization" for the Capitol Records Ultra-Lounge series that received 
several Grammy nominations.  Some of that is out there, somewhere.  Other 
examples can be found on the AVID label in the UK.

If you like, I'll try to post a few sample mp3s on a website for you to hear 
when time permits and IF I don't get shut down again by the RIAA.   Can 
anyone out there post bond for $500,000?

Dick Broadie
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>> Dick Broadie wrote:
>> "Parker and I don't agree on what proper Stereoization is.  He hates mine
>> and vice versa.  One of us is right."
>> I agree 100% with Dick on the matter of Robert Parker's efforts. 
>> Actually,
>> I've never met anyone who does like the Parker approach. Try listening on
>> headphones to his transfers of Bessie Smith  - you'll know fairly quickly
>> where you stand.
>> I haven't heard any of Dick's work, so I can't comment on the "one of us 
>> is
>> right". Logically, at least, both could be wrong   :-)
>> All the best
>> Anton
>>From the engineering company that Dick keeps and has worked with I would 
> my money on Dick's method, he has hung with the Best of the Best even 
> before I
> met him on this great list.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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