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> Dick Broadie wrote:
> "Parker and I don't agree on what proper Stereoization is.  He hates mine
> and vice versa.  One of us is right."
> I agree 100% with Dick on the matter of Robert Parker's efforts. Actually,
> I've never met anyone who does like the Parker approach. Try listening on
> headphones to his transfers of Bessie Smith  - you'll know fairly quickly
> where you stand.
> I haven't heard any of Dick's work, so I can't comment on the "one of us is
> right". Logically, at least, both could be wrong   :-)
> All the best
> Anton
>From the engineering company that Dick keeps and has worked with I would put 
my money on Dick's method, he has hung with the Best of the Best even before I 
met him on this great list.


Tom Wiggins

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