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> Dear Steve et al.,
> Three of Artie Shaw's eight wives reveal a lot about him in these books--
> Ava Gardner. "Ava My Story", autobiography.
>                         "Ava's Men", Jane Ellen Wayne.
> Evelyn Keyes. 'Scarlett O'Hara's Younger Sister" and "I'll Think About 
> That Tomorrow", autobiographies.
> "Lana Turner", Joe Morello & Edward Z. Epstein.
> The second Keyes book has a nice picture of  Shaw captioned "Old husband, 
> new friend--Artie,  March, 1990."
> From "Ava. My Story"--"I was born...in Grabtown, North Carolina. Not 
> Brogden, not Smithfield, like so many of the books say." This explains the 
> Gramercy Five's "Grabtown Grapple"--who wouldn't skirmish with Ava if they 
> had thechance? Eric Townley in "Tell Your Story" wrote "No information".
> I don't recall whether anyone noted that Artie Shaw came in second in the 
> marriage stakes--Charlie Barnet had eleven wives! Connubially.
> Fred.
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>> To hear some later Artie Shaw, go to the below website. Move around it 
>> and
>> click on "These Foolish Things".
>> http://www.npr.org/programs/morning/features/2002/mar/shaw/
>> There is also a lot of other good stuff there. Especially excerpts from
>> his
>> bio like the one below.
>> ----begin snip
>> Among the string of women he married were movie stars Lana Turner and Ava
>> Gardner. It was a world, he insists, not of his choosing, but hard to
>> resist.
>> "You run into a party and (a) woman comes up to you. She's the most
>> beautiful creature you ever saw -- Ava Gardner -- and says, 'I like you
>> and
>> why don't we get together?' What are you going to say, 'No'? You'd have 
>> to
>> be an idiot. She was an incredible creature."
>> ----end snip
>> Hey, that's why I took up clarinet. :-) VBG
>> Seriously though, if this never happened to you, (maybe not Ava or Lana
>> but
>> still desirable) you are not really a jazz musician. :-) VBG.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve Barbone
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