[Dixielandjazz] Do you or your band play weddings?

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Jan 4 01:58:15 PST 2005

Tom Wiggins wrote (with tongue in cheek):
I'm with Jim Kash however, we only do Royal Weddings with Big Big Bucks and
World wide media coverage :))

Actually, we do weddings of commoners, also!  However, we gave up years ago
trying to be the band for the whole evening.  It just doesn't work, at least
not in a Spanish wedding.
The music MUST eventually end up being Pasa Dobles, Sevillanas, and Salsa
for the party to be successful.  And, since we don't like doing all of those
styles (please note that I didn't say "can't"), we insist that if we are to
do the wedding we will do the cocktail before dinner, and a special "show"
set as the champagne is being poured and the desert arrives.  After that, a
DJ is the best shot!  By the way, a wedding party here includes about an
hour of cocktails, followed by a sit down meal (never before 10pm), followed
by dancing until around 5am.

The theory is "if you present yourself as a workhorse, you will be treated
so.  If you demand "prize horse" treatment, you will get it"!  

By the way, our Royal Wedding fame was given a huge boost at the end of the
year as all the National TV stations rounded up the end of the year with
live footage of the Royal Wedding last May, and Canal Street was in full
view and audio in many of the shots.  

Has it changed our lives?  Well, we didn't really drive for a change, and
are continuing with our normally quite heavy schedule.  Nevertheless, there
have been a number of high profile gigs and pay to match directly as a
result from the exposure, and of course, I make printed and picture
references in all our publicity. 


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