[Dixielandjazz] Do you or your band play weddings?

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Mon Jan 3 22:21:50 PST 2005

Here is a new service going on nationwide in the USA you might want to check 
it out if you have interest in this market.    Since it is a pre launch set up 
however I would approach it with caution and check them out carefully before 
paying anything.

I checked California and there are only two entries for Live entertainment, 
so far.

1 Harpist  and one Variety group.    But lots of DJ's climbing on board, see 
those guys never miss a chance to market themselves, if they get one gig out 
of this site it paid them for signing up.   Same thing should  apply to bands 
and solo artist that want to play wedding dates which are usually pretty good 
pay dates if you ask for it and be reasonable.

Stress that you play music suitable for all adult ages and tastes for 

Make sure you can and will Play "We've Only Just Begun" by that famous  
Smooth Dixieland Jazz Band " The Carpenters"   


Cheers, and get those tuxedos out of moth balls and to the dry cleaners and 
go get em.  And all you Lady Singers go to the back of your closet and get out 
that Jr. Prom dress you have been saving all these years and go play Weddings 
in proper attire.

Tom Wiggins  :))

I'm with Jim Kash however, we only do Royal Weddings with Big Big Bucks and 
World wide media coverage :))

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