[Dixielandjazz] Help for friend visiting New Orleans?

Elazar Brandt jazzmin at actcom.net.il
Sun Jan 2 22:01:28 PST 2005

Shalom Jazz Fans,

Wish it were me, but not this time. I have a new lady friend who will be visiting New Orleans at the end of January for about a
month. She has a high school girl friend there, but don't know how savvy the girl friend is about the jazz scene or what to see
there. My friend says she loves Louis and all kinds of jazz, and possibly she sings some too. (I don't know her that well yet...
hoping to take care of that when she returns to Israel.)

Can any of you locals possibly offer some info and pointers for a couple of 40-something ladies about what's happening of interest,
where to go, what to see and who to hear, etc? Last time I was in N.O. was 15 years ago, so I'm not so current, though I do have
some fond memories I would recommend if they're still around.

By the way, as always, my offer stands to provide such services for any listmates visiting Israel, as I have already done for some.
I am self-employed, can make plenty of free time, and am always glad to show visitors around, both sight-seeing and the music scene.
Can usually arrange opportunities to play (not usually for pay, sorry, but you never know). So feel free to take me up on my offer.
And don't be afraid. I'd bet the Old City of Jerusalem is safer than the French Quarter! I haven't lost anyone yet.

Doctor Jazz Band
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: +972-2-679-2537

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