[Dixielandjazz] Strange email

Gerard Bielderman gerard.bielderman at tiscali.nl
Fri Dec 16 12:49:43 PST 2005

Dear listmates,

On November 30 I got - via this list - an email from Steve Barbone with the 
subject "LA jazz bands".
However, I cannot open it, stronger yet: when I click on it Outlook Express 
Has anybody else got this problem?
I have to use ctrl/alt/delete to end the program.
The message cannot be deleted, not on its own, not in combination with 
previous or following emails.
Does anybody know the solution?
Luckily Outlook Express is working normally, as long as I don't click on 
Steve's message.
I had my virus scanner checking the PC, used HotmanPro but nothing helped...

Gerard Bielderman / Leie 18 / 8032 ZG  ZWOLLE / Netherlands
Publisher of jazz discographies 

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