[Dixielandjazz] Brian Setzer and Trad jazz

Tim julepjerk at surewest.net
Wed Dec 7 21:29:29 PST 2005

Found OKOM/trad jazz in a surprising place - the new Brian Setzer
Orchestra Christmas CD has a song titled "Hey Santa".  The lyrics, much
condensed, are "Hey Santa are you going to Atlanta - can I hitch a ride
with you old man, my girl lives in Dixieland."  In the middle of a
rocking, hard-driving arrangement, there is a break with trad sound -
trumpet, trombone, clarinet, sax, and tuba...after one chorus, a
street-type drumbeat is added.  Then, it'a back to the original
arrangement.  Very distinctive, and presents OLOM/trad in an unexpected
place.  The rest of the CD is similar to his first one - hard-driving,
swinging arrangements with a big band instrumentation.  The band was
used for the TV broadcast of Christmas at Rockefeller Center and is the
one at the end of the Schwarzenegger movie "Jingle All the Way."

A fun surprise!

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