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Bruce Stangeland stangeland at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 8 20:13:39 PST 2005


You said in your message to the Dixieland Jazz Mailing List that you were
not able to find info on jazz clubs in Northern California. I just went to
google.com and searched for: Jazz Clubs Northern California

The very first one that came up is at:  www.nojcnc.org/

  -  "New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California (NOJCNC)

I am its webmaster.

Another club that I help with their website is: tradjass.org

              the T.R.A.D.J.A.S.S. in Santa Rosa

Last Sunday the band I play in, the Jubilee Jazz Band, was the featured band
in Santa Rosa. Every seat was filled. After our last number, the dancers
shouted for "More, More".

How would you suggest we increase our visibility on the web?

Bruce Stangeland
Berkeley banjoist


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Jim O'Briant wrote about the lack of web sites for certain jazz clubs.

Problem may be that these "Jazz Clubs" are little more than ego trips for a
small group of folks who really don't give a damn about the music and
whether or not it attracts new blood.

In fact, when they do have jazz concerts, many draw about 60 people, charge
only about $6 to get in to hear 4 hours worth of tired old garage band

Then they proclaim "this music is dead".

Baloney . . . it is they who are dead.


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