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Thu Dec 8 20:19:51 PST 2005

In a message dated 12/8/05 8:15:41 PM, stangeland at earthlink.net writes:
> Steve,
> You said in your message to the Dixieland Jazz Mailing List that you were
> not able to find info on jazz clubs in Northern California. I just went to
> google.com and searched for: Jazz Clubs Northern California
> The very first one that came up is at:  www.nojcnc.org/
>   -  "New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California (NOJCNC)
> I am its webmaster.
> Another club that I help with their website is: tradjass.org
>               the T.R.A.D.J.A.S.S. in Santa Rosa
> Last Sunday the band I play in, the Jubilee Jazz Band, was the featured band
> in Santa Rosa. Every seat was filled. After our last number, the dancers
> shouted for "More, More".
> How would you suggest we increase our visibility on the web?
> Thanks,
> Bruce Stangeland
> Berkeley banjoist
> Well said Bruce!!
Pacifica, CA

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