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A local business found out he had a similar problem.  It seemed he could not
browse to his own website (from a provider different from his ISP).  Since
he frequently was showing customers items he was planning to put on the
website, he quickly became disenchanted with his ISP, as it seemed other
folks could see it with no problem.

A phonecall to his ISP failed to reveal a logical reason for not being able
to get to the website.  I temporarily used my dialup account on his computer
to see if it was just a problem with his computer, and the webpage came up
with no problems.  A switch to a new ISP cured all his problems, and he is a
happy resident of the web again.

On 12/8/05 9:56 PM, "tcashwigg at aol.com" <tcashwigg at aol.com> wrote:

> I just tried it as well and got "
> This Page not found message
> It may be a problem beyond John's control but it is a problem none the
> less and if Jim had not pointed it out John might not have ever heard
> of the problem.   So nobody is hinting that John is not working hard to
> keep it up, just that it did not or does not seem to be working.
> Hope you find the problem soon John.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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> John Jamieson
> I just tried it and I get the message "The page cannot be found."
> Works fine from Spain, John.  Instant music and all!
> John.


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