[Dixielandjazz] Rap?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Wed Dec 7 11:17:14 PST 2005

David Richoux wrote regarding current music trends:

 > How far will it go? It is already there!
>  I have been at KFJC for over 22 years now and a lot of the "music"  we
> play (not on the OKOM part of my show) has to have  new words to  describe
> it - Throat-core, NoN-music, Sludge-rock,  No-wave, Shoe- gazing, are just
> a few of the many terms we hear. You can read many  of our station library
> reviews at http://spidey.kfjc.org/   and see  for yourself.

 The other day on NPR I heard a music critic going on & on about this new
rock band that suddenly has become very popular. It seems that a music 
critic, while surfing the net, came across them, wrote about them & now the 
music world is going batty over them.

Honest to Gawd! They are nothing but a garage band making horrible noises. 
And this NPR critic was talking about them as if they were the Beatles 
reincarnated.  And he is doing this with a straight face as if he really 
believed it.

I guess he did.  '

--Bob Ringwald

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