[Dixielandjazz] Rap?

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Wed Dec 7 10:10:19 PST 2005

How far will it go? It is already there!

  I have been at KFJC for over 22 years now and a lot of the "music"  
we play (not on the OKOM part of my show) has to have  new words to  
describe it - Throat-core, NoN-music, Sludge-rock,  No-wave, Shoe- 
gazing, are just a few of the many terms we hear. You can read many  
of our station library reviews at http://spidey.kfjc.org/   and see  
for yourself.

(not that it is all "bad" - there actually is a lot of very  
interesting stuff going on out there, just not what 99.999999% of the  
people on this list would consider OKOM.)

Dave Richoux

On Dec 7, 2005, at 9:37 AM, Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis  

> snip
> In the last 100 years we have gone from definate form to no form.  
> Instrumental sounds to sounds of rhythm only.  Complicated chordal  
> structure to three chords to one chord, to no chords at all. Actual  
> words that you could understand to lyrics that you can't repeat in  
> polite company that is if you can understand them without being  
> bilingual in Eubonics.  I'm sure that everyone can come up with  
> more examples of this slide.
> I have a problem calling Rap music because it has almost none of  
> the requirements of any sort of defination of music that I know.   
> How  they justify calling them Rap "singers" or calling Rap "music"  
> or people who perform it "musicians" is simply beyond me.
> The real question is what is next?  How far can the deterioration  
> go?  Will everyone retreat into C&W which is the only form that  
> seems to be reasonably stable at present?  Will the 5-10% of people  
> who like jazz decline in numbers further?
> It seems that the whole society in many ways is deteriorating to  
> the lowest common denominator and those who have standards of  
> conduct are becoming fewer.  Music is only the symptom.
> Larry Walton
> St. Louis

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