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Wed Dec 7 13:37:25 PST 2005

Hi Bob:

    That is not surprising, I hear Garage wannabe  thrash rockers 
talking trash everyday about the Beatles and their terrible music,  got 
to remember that there is a whole generation of kids out there that 
never heard of the Beatles,  who most of us hated when they came on the 
scene too.   How on earth can they now be acceptable to us :))  Could 
be that what followed was much much worse heh?   These are the same 
guys that advertise things like :

"Rock Band will change the world,  we are ready to tour and gig now,  
we got a guitar and Dj, just need a kick ass  bass player and a drummer 
and a keyboard player and we are ready to load up the van and tour.  
Holla back now quick."



  The other day on NPR I heard a music critic going on & on about this 
  rock band that suddenly has become very popular. It seems that a music 
critic, while surfing the net, came across them, wrote about them & now 
the music world is going batty over them. 
  Honest to Gawd! They are nothing but a garage band making horrible 
noises. And this NPR critic was talking about them as if they were the 
Beatles reincarnated. And he is doing this with a straight face as if 
he really believed it. 
 I guess he did. ' 
 --Bob Ringwald 
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