[Dixielandjazz] Rap?

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Wed Dec 7 04:33:32 PST 2005

Bob Ringwald writes:

Why don't they  call it what it is, "chant"?  

I understand that they are now  mixing Rap with Country & Western.  

It is called  "Crap."

Bob: Great comment! When I stopped laughing I realized you had made a very  
important point. Chant is certainly what it is and chant is probably  one of, 
if not the, earliest of our black musical forms isn't it? I  think they were 
called field hollers in the slave era. Nothing wrong with chants  or field 
hollers. I knew a Madison Avenue executive who specialized in doing  field hollers 
in public in the 70s. I guess we have to call rap (crap) music,  if we call 
Gregorian chants music, but why did the instrumental music  die so quickly in 
the pop form? We went from some great arrangements in the 50s,  60s, and 70s, 
into increasingly wall-to-wall "loud" electrical music sound, then  suddenly 
into nothing but street chanting. Did the electric guitars drown out  the 
words--and the teens wanted to hear words again? Or what? 

Dan (back up piano man) Spink 

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