[Dixielandjazz] other styles.....

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Wed Dec 7 02:35:48 PST 2005

All this talk about rap, etc......... 
I work with a guy in my studio preparing recorded music for modeling shows
that the client does...some 400 a year!
All the music used are the latest hits (& some older ones).  More & more the
modern hits are rhythm based.  Forget the words, melody, etc.  It's the
rhythm that counts at the moment....due to all the visuals that sell these
It's just the times we live in.  We've always said people hear music with
their eyes, mainly referring to how the musician presents himself on stage.
Of course, that has now been carried to the extreme with the videos, and the
kids really are "listening" with their eyes!
I don't worry about the situation...just work with it.  Some of this stuff
is really well recorded, by the way.  There are things in there that make
one (as an audio engineer) sit up and listen.  I suppose a video expert
would spot the same excellence in a lot of the videos.  
And, if any of you do the vocals in your band, you should marvel at the way
these rappers can remember all those words to their songs.  I have to use a
cheat sheet even to sing "Ain't Misbehavin"!!!    :>
By the way,  in the studio, I chop & stick together & balance/EQ the songs
for continuous music for the girls & guys to walk/dance to while showing off
the clothing line.  I enjoy the work, and it gives me a chance to hear
what's happening out there without having to endure MTV.
Another main client only works with Baroque Music, so I get a nice spread of
styles along with my Dixieland!  It's all music.

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