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Robert S. Ringwald wrote:

> Listmates,
> I have an argument going, well not exactly an argument, a friendly 
> discussion, with Mad Dawg.  He claims the material that the Bing 
> Crosby out take would have been pressed on is cardboard with some sort 
> of plastic coating like what home made records were made of back in 
> the 50s.  I remember those as my parents had one of those turntables.
> As I remember, the flexible 78 that my grandmother had was more like a 
> LP. I don't think it was cardboard but it could have been as Mad Dawg 
> says, cardboard with a coating of something.
> In an post from Bill Haussler, who also had that recording, Bill says 
> it was acetate.  Is acetate, cardboard?  Or what they make LPs out 
> of?  or was acetate the hard material that most 78s were made out of?
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Mastering a rercord in the days of 78's called for making the first 
"impression" (take one) on a platter of hardened wax which was engraved 
by the recoding stylus.
This wax cutting was then used in a process called "lost wax" copying to 
make a metallic master which in turn became the transfer plate to the 
(early) shellac, and later vynal. It was much like a printing plate used 
to print money, an engraved "plate" to create a duplicate of the 
original recording on wax. This is why there are still references to 
"Wax" used in relation to records. 
For years, a furniture refinisher friend used to ask me to look for old 
shellac records of any kind for him, which he would then crush and 
delute in shellac thinner to make a black shallac used in refurnishing 
old furniture pieces that has been orignally finished in  a black 
laquer/shellac base. I always brought him old lieder type records of 
god-awful foriegn singers who hurt my ears.
Don Ingle

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