[Dixielandjazz] Bing Crosby Out Take

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I have on an LP the verse you might be referring to.  The LP is "Pardon my
Blooper" purchased back in 1975.  Unfortunately the whole song isn't there,
just the screwed up verse with curses.  The narrator of the LP gave a little
background info on the song that I can't remember at the moment, so I'll
have to dig up the album and give it a listen.

On 12/3/05 4:15 PM, "Robert S. Ringwald" <robert at ringwald.com> wrote:

> Anyway, the song was "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams."  During the song, Bing
> sings "They left out 8 bars the dirty bastards."
> has anyone else ever heard this version?
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