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He got your name from the Publisher's Clearing House list.  Here are some
possible replies...
The checks in the mail.
don't call me I'll Call you.

I especially liked this line --
> I can't emphasize how lucrative the music business is; the sky is the
> limit for all parties
> involved.

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> 22 October 2004
> To:  Tom Wiggins
> I am a Keyboardist/Composer who has been playing for over 40 years. My
> music "crosses-over": Hard Progressive Rock/Jazz/Power Pop/Modern
> The instrumentation consists of: Synthesizer/ Piano/Bass/Percussion. There
> no vocals.

The tempo is prestissimo > my forte is dissonance. I have original material,
> as well as arrangements of cover songs, including "trilogies" drawn from
> favorite artists.

 I have never been in a band, to a recording studio, or have play> ed
> since performing piano recitals as a kid.

    I have never been > this confident or ready to unleash my art, until
> attacking "Giant Steps" (Coltrane), over the past few weeks. It is a very
> piece, and I
> have a cross-over treatment of it that will spin heads around. Also
> I have been focusing on a presto version of "A Whiter Shade of Pale",
which I
> have composed a bridge for, that does a 360 around the Circle of 5ths.

    There is plenty more from where those two tune s> came from. I have the
> knowledge, the muscles, and the will to re-invent the keyboard.

   What I am chasing is production/managerial/venture capital personnel for
the realization
> of my musical projects, commencing with the booking of studio time, which
> will result in major recording label interest and/or that of an
> world-class group/band.
> I can't emphasize how lucrative the music business is; the sky is the
> limit for all parties
> involved.
> Come With?

I don't think that is all that is bouncing  :))

"Smoke definitely get in your eyes"  and brain.  :))

Anybody with more money than brains on the list interested in taking on this
project, contact me off list and I'll be happy to set it up for you.   No
either.  Or anybody wanting a keyboard player for their band, Look out
Ringwald, rumor has it the Boondockers could use a guy like this. :))

Why do the World's next musical geniuses always find me?

Last month a Hanging the  Drummer Band, Now a guy who has reinvented the


Tom Wiggins

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