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> Hi Louis,
> I somehow can't help feeling that all this hype about the Lincoln centre in
> NY equates with an 'overheard' in the bar during the interval at one of the
> infrequest jazz concerts at the Snape maltings in Suffolk a few years ago,
> "Well 
> of course I don't really like this sort of music but you you have to be seen
> don't you."
> How many real music followers will still be there when the next New York 'in'
> arts venue opens its doors?
> I shall endevour to visit when I am in New York next March.

How many followers will still be there? Good question. I did note in some of
those hype press releases that 3500 people signed on, so far, for "annual
subscription" tickets for Jazz Programs at Lincoln Center's opening year.

It is well for those not familiar with the jazz "scene" in NYC to realize
that it is indeed burgeoning. Forget the "narrow focus" of OKOM, I'm talking
jazz in total. There are a great amount of night clubs with jazz bands of
every conceivable variety.

Or even OKOM. As published before on the DJML, there are at least 11 night
club / restaurant venues in NYC where OKOM can be heard on a once a week or
more basis. And these are EXCELLENT BANDS, with EXCELLENT WORKING JAZZ
MUSICIANS, not your average, seldom performing, amateur garage band so
prevalent in OKOM round the world these days.

Regarding the overheard quote at Snape maltings; "Well, of course I don't
really like this sort of music, but you have to be seen, don't you"?  When
you have a good jazz band, comprised of socially sought after musicians,
playing danceable music, that also swings,


Danceable jazz that swings is, in a nutshell, the key. Those jazz bands
and/or venues that provide it can't help but prosper.

Steve Barbone

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