[Dixielandjazz] re Reeds for woodwind instruments

Charlie Coleman charliew8fim at ncool.net
Thu Oct 21 17:50:57 PDT 2004

Robert Smith wrote..."any other materials been tried?"    
Well, Robert, it has been reported that Frank Teschmacher used a STEEL reed - in attempting to explain the sound he got on the clarinet.  
Actually the best alternative that I have found are the Fiber reeds ( Fibracell, et al) that are made of polyester fibers that simulate cane reeds.   Now we don't have to have a spare reed stuck in our mouths before gigs which causes people to think we're all recovering smokers.   But if fiber reeds catch on big time, think of the possibilities - we can recycle our old polyester slacks!   8>))    Regards,   Charlie "Nursing homes are my gig" Coleman

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