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Charlie Coleman wrote:

>Robert Smith wrote..."any other materials been tried?"    
>Well, Robert, it has been reported that Frank Teschmacher used a STEEL reed - in attempting to explain the sound he got on the clarinet.  
>Actually the best alternative that I have found are the Fiber reeds ( Fibracell, et al) that are made of polyester fibers that simulate cane reeds.   Now we don't have to have a spare reed stuck in our mouths before gigs which causes people to think we're all recovering smokers.   But if fiber reeds catch on big time, think of the possibilities - we can recycle our old polyester slacks!   8>))    Regards,   Charlie "Nursing homes are my gig" Coleman
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During his time with Spike Jones ('43-'47), my dad used plastic reeds on 
his tenor sax since good cane reeds were hard to come by in the war 
years and the demands of playing the Jones' material would make short 
work of any good reeds. In spite of the plastic's shortcoming's he 
managed to get a fairly decent sound when they had to play dance music 
between sets of  musical  mayhem. He later used good bamboo reeds on his 
tenor a nd baritone once a supply of good reeds were again available 
post bellum.
Don Ingle

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