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> Joking apart, I have to agree with you. The aesthetics of a concert hall are 
> nice to think about but the bottom line is as you state...Are the acoustics 
> good, are the facilities good and the wheelchair access good. Anything else 
> is the icing on the cake.
> Best
> Louis
> Jerry wrote   polite snip..
> "...How come architecture critics seem to write even more pretentious 
> bollocks
> than jazz critics?"£

Hey guys that is not the architec's job,  that would fall into the Acoustic 
Engineers review and critique of the project, look for it in  the Audio 
Engineering Society Magazine, you can bet it will be forthcoming soon.  :))

After all there are a lot more egos at stake here than the Jazz musicians, 
and these guys have a lot of competition for good gigs too.  It's all part of 
their marketing and shameless promotion plan.


Tom Wiggins

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