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Thu Oct 14 16:26:55 PDT 2004

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I think we went through this last year (but it might have been a different
list). The Yerba Buena Island "herb" is not pot, grass, boo, reefer,
loco-weed, etc. but a different medicinal herb that the local indians (and
Spanish) used. don't know what it cured ;-)

Hi, Dave,

Yerba Buena is from the group of plants known as savory,
and savories have a reputation as being aphrodisiacs.
What more do we need to know?  ;-)

I'd say it looks like a lot like spearmint.  (Official name: Satureja
douglasii.)  It's a member of the mint family and was used by Native
Americans and early settlers to cure stomach ailments, treat headaches,
reduce fevers, and also to treat eye infections and colds 'cuz it has
antiseptic properties. Like most mints, it's good for the digestive tract.
You can find it in some toothpastes and soaps.

The Mexican village that became San Francisco was named Yerba Buena because
the herb grew everywhere---as mints tend to do, dang it! The city name was
changed to San Francisco in 1847.

Musical content: 
"They Can't Take That (Medicinal Herb) Away From Me"

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