[Dixielandjazz] the nostalgia trap

Sun Oct 10 01:07:38 PDT 2004

 I've been sitting on the sidelines listening to the recollections of the 
past. I,like everyone, enjoy looking backwards. The other day it came to me I was 
listening to POPS ,Sidney ,Gate,Bobby, Duke .Pres ,Lady DAY .Benny,Artie,Bird 
,Diz, and Miles and lots more from '43 on BEFORE the parents of many players 
and fans I talk to daily were even born!! But I suggest to all of my fellow 
OMF's to be careful of the "NOSTALGIA TRAP" !! It is so warm ,comfy and inviting 
that it becomes hypnotically dangerous! Today is the past of tomorrow so why 
not give it the energy it deserves and relish ALL that the present has that's 
good to offer. Trust me I think it is wonderful   to honor the land marks of 
the past,the music,the physical relics  ....ALL of it....I  just suggest 
caution lest we lose the delicious miracle of NOW!!!! al singer

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