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Tue Nov 30 16:28:46 PST 2004

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sign.guy at charter.net writes:

> I guess you guys haven't heard In the Mood, Proud Mary or Misty ad infinum
> Huh.
> ----- 

Sure we have Larry:

But out here in California we let the audiences rename them for us:

In the Nude for Love
Proud Fairy
Then we do a medley of Misty and Play Misty for me

But ya got me on that last one:  ad infinum, can you humm a few bars so we 
can fake it?
closest I can recall would be Perfidia :))

Getting all teary eyed just thinking about it, gonna go start happy hour 
earlier than usual. 
Might even get lucky and find some Satin Doll slinking around looking for 
love in all the wrong places. :))

Tom Wiggins

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