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Tue Nov 30 16:22:02 PST 2004

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> Thanks Al,
> Unfortunately, it is only 10.15am here in Sydney, Oz.
> And about another 5 hours until 'happy hour'.
> Kind regards,
> Bill. 


I was always told not to drink until at least 12:00 noon or folks would think 
I had a drinking problem.

Since I discovered time zones, I know exactly when it is 12:00 noon 
everywhere in the world, so keeping myself in line by not drinking until 12:00 became 
quite easy.

My Doctor told me I could have one drink a day,

This one in my hand is for Dec. 27th. 2035, and you will be happy to know 
that the first thing I did was to find myself a much bigger glass for that one 
drink a day too.

It's 4:30ish in California right now and getting mighty close to happy hour 
again, every hour is happy hour if you do it right.


Tom (hic) Wiggins

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