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Tue Nov 30 15:04:44 PST 2004

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your kind wishes. I met Mack Rebenack for the first time in 1969. I did an interview with him for my newspaper. Nobody had ever heard of him here. In those days he was called  Dr. John 'The Night Tripper'  and he came over to The Netherlands - I think - to perform at the Kralingen Pop Festival in Rotterdam, where The Byrds, Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane, It's a beautiful Day, Mungo Jerry, Canned Heat and many other rock artiest showed up. Mack did also a show in the old 'Brederode Ruin'  in Santpoort, near Haarlem in Holland. He was accompanied by a big group of New Orleans female singers and dancers. In the early nineties I bought his CD  'Dr. John: Goin' back to New Orleans', containing beautiful old songs as Careless Love, the Buddy Bolden Blues, Basin Street Blues, Good Night Irene and of course Goin' back to New Orleans. Chris Barber played with im in the later nineties. Mack is a very characteristic singer and a remarkable pianoplayer. I dig him very much. Try to catch him for a CD of your band and have that CD released in Holland. I'll be the first buyer here.

All the best, Tom. 


Berry Zand Scholten 

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    Earlier in the evening I played: Dr. John the Night Tripper (Mack Rebenack)
    and Chris Barber with 'Big bass drum on a Mardi Gras Day' (CD 'Down on the
    Bayou) and 'Take me back to New Orleans' (CD: Take me back to New Orleans).

  Now Berry dat's My Kind of Music,  

  May da Funk be wit you always!

  Tom Wiggins
  Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band.

  Hoping to get Dr. John to cut a tune or two with us next year, he owes me a big favor, I brought him out of retirement in 1972 and promoted him in New York City and launched a whole new era of Dr. John music.

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