[Dixielandjazz] Attn. Members Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Tue Nov 30 17:49:41 PST 2004

STJS Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, Election:

Last year (2003), after several years of year-end deficits, STJS was in a
serious financial state.  Throughout this year, because of the hard work of
a newly elected Board of Directors, STJS is on the way to regaining a sound
financial status.

During 2004, your STJS Board of Directors accomplished the following:
A realistic and strict budget was adopted for 2004 and although we didn't
achieve the Jubilee revenue we projected, the Jubilee expenses were kept
under budget.  Other STJS activities also did well with the result being a
projected positive bottom line for the first time in quite a few years.

We engaged a new accounting firm to oversee our books and several board
members took an active role in the ongoing financial management activities
of the club.

However, the work is not yet done.  It will take 3-4 more years of careful
planning and operations to pay off our loans and build a reserve fund once
again.  Budgets must be kept in line if we are to be successful.

On December 12, 2004, STJS elections will take place.  It is extremely
important that the Board members who are elected are committed to carry out
the plans that have been put in place.

If you are a member of STJS, please vote.  If you are not a member, please
join immediately so that you may vote.

If you cannot attend the December 12th Jazz Sunday to vote in person, you
may obtain a request for an absentee ballot by calling the STJS office at
(916) 372-5277, or by stopping by the office at 2787 Del Monte Street, West
Sacramento, California, Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

You may also download an absentee ballot request or STJS membership
application in a PDF format at 
Also check www.ringwald.com/election

A request form to receive an absentee ballot is also in the November and
December AATJ, (STJS newsletter).

Since it will take time to request and receive the ballot request, and then
to receive the ballot itself, time is of the essence. . . . Please vote!

We, the undersigned, suggest the following candidates as those potential
Board members most suited to carry out our goals:

Vince Bartels, President

Ralph Thompson, Vice-President

Judy Hendricks, Secretary

Musician Members:

Bob Ringwald

Burt Wilson

Carl Warmdahl or Chuck Wiederhold

Non-musician Members:

Yvonne Au

Carol Reynolds

This slate is endorsed by:
Ralph Thompson, STJS Vice President
Patti Jones, STJS Treasurer
STJS Board Members:
Charlie Gehlbach
Burt Wilson
Bob Ringwald
Bob Williams
Felix Smith
Carol Reynolds
Jim Fusaro

Please forward this message to anyone you know who is interested in
Traditional Jazz or is a member of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society.

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