[Dixielandjazz] blue turning and radio programs

Luis Daniel Flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Sat Nov 27 07:07:56 PST 2004

you are right...it is Blue turning gray over..., hoo goshh I am grey more
than blue it seems. Yes I played all the recording completely. No one
complain about my experiment of one tune/different versions(rarely done) or
having a theme for the program. I think whatever the audiences hear well
played, and with a little of passion in your comment, it will be well taken.
In Blue turning..... you have Bechet, Fats Waller, Armstrong, Billy and also
RIngo Star !!. Quite different approach to this tune.
 Ten is the usual amount of tunes played in my hour Sunday program, we have
one break for ´´propaganda´´, and I make comments about tunes, history,
musician, etc. Some times I get phone calls, which I do not like much except
if help with the general theme of the program,  examples:
28 November 2004    guitar y banjo
21 nov 2004       blues turning gray over you
14/11/04     Brian white and muggsy
7/11/04     Spirituals and gospels
24 October 2004     porteña y small jazz band(Argentinean)


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