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Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Nov 25 18:02:35 PST 2004

     Lowell Miller also played with the Assunto Dukes of Dixieland, 
and does a very fine solo (possibly his own arrangement?) on "The 
Whiffenpoof Song" on their "On Campus" LP, one of the best tuba solos 
in the 1950s.  I memorized it and have played along with it for 
years.  Always wondered what had happened to him, what other bands he 
played with, but i never heard of any others.  He will not be 

>From: "Jon Seiger" <jseiger at rochester.rr.com>
>Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:26:54 -0500
>I am sorry to report that Lowell Miller, died last monday in 
>Rochester, NY, where he lived the last number of years. Lowell 
>played bass with Al Hirt for many years. He was also a fine trombone 

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