[Dixielandjazz] Jazz Goes To College - Yet another Redux

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 16:44:51 PST 2004

Case in Point

When you do a few College Gigs, the word gets out. Just got this via e mail
a few minutes ago, and have confirmed the date. The writer is an Italian
;-)VBG and Cabrini College is a Catholic women's college on the "Main Line"
in Philadelphia. (a few men now attend)

No doubt the Nun's will love our antics. :-) VBG

Oh my, "Love Those Italians".

Steve Barbone

> Dear Mr. Barbone,
> I'm Lara ____________, a student at Cabrini college, and I'm in charge of
> organizing our formal on February 19. We were considering having a group like
> yours play for about 2 hours or so during dinner. Can you give me some price
> ranges? I know you have a number of different ensembles, so to start, I'm
> trying to get an idea of costs. Thanks for your help!
> ~Lara _______________,

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