[Dixielandjazz] Bras, Moose Heads, Fences and Bands.

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 18:24:29 PST 2004

A few days ago, Rocky Ball posted about his Band's success with the Moose
head bra rack in Atlanta, GA, USA. Lest our friends in other parts of the
world think we are all sex crazed in the US, I refer us to the South Island
of Lesser OZ. (South Island, New Zealand)

It is a glorious place of Majestic Fiords, Extraordinary Mountains, Lush
Valleys (where much of the Lord of The Rings was filmed), and a magical
fence near Wanaka.

The fence is an ordinary "no climb" horse wire fence, about 3 feet high and
several hundred meters long, stretched between wooden fence posts about 8
feet apart. Just like many a farm fence, EXCEPT.

The top is strewn with ladies lingerie. Mostly bras which is why this
tourist attraction is called "the bra fence."

No one really knows why ladies like to sling lingerie over fences, or onto
moose heads, or flash for beads, or panties that say "Love Those Italians"
on them. But it is a worldwide phenomena.

So, why not catch the wave, and add a band?

Word has it that Bill Haesler travels 1200 miles, from the semi desert land
of Greater OZ once a year to see the fence and catalog the newer additions
with proper index numbers. :-) VBG.

No doubt it is also a good spot to bust some suds. :-) VBG

Better yet, why don't one of you Ozian entrepreneurs put a band or two there
and start the Annual Wanaka Bra Busting OKOM Jazz Festival? An event like
that, during tourist season, can't possibly miss.

Steve Barbone

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