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Fri Nov 5 13:34:41 PST 2004

Hello Deanna:

Sorry to upset you with my "Generic Post"

Yes, I have been to the San Marcos, albeit not for the Arizona Classic Jazz 
Fest, and I was not critiquing your Festival at all.  I merely mentioned that 
the DJML members from this area were heading off to Arizona this weekend rather 
than coming to the S.F. Jazz festival which reached out and added OKOM to the 
lineup this year.

AS FOR denigrating the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL...poo poo on you...here 
at the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL ...world class musicians  John Sheridan, 
Allan Vache', Phil Flanigan,  and Jeff Hamilton. are just A FEW of the 
wonderful musicians on our lineup...

I did no such thing, please do not read into my post that I did so or 
specifically dissed your event at all.  I simply did no such thing.

AND TELL ME MR. WIGGINS... does the festival you are going to...have a FREE 
VENUE TO THE PUBLIC...for those who just want a 'taste' of some great Dixieland 

Yes, as a matter of fact they do, several of them in two cities promoting 
jazz of many styles, however there are not any Dixieland venues left in San 
Francisco.  That is why the Fats Waller Tribute is quite possibly a landmark 
concert for this Festival to once again offer some OKOM to this dried out market.  
They are taking OKOM to the Jazz oblivious like Lincoln Jazz Center is doing in 
New York to broaden and expand the genres of Jazz and at least they are 
including OKOM for a change after totally ignoring it for so many years.

You see Deanna many of the folks around here are always complaining that 
there is no Jazz here and no place for the musicians to work, and then when a 
major event is put on right in front of them and many great Jazz artists are 
brought in for them to enjoy in their front and back yard they leave town.

Perhaps they feel more comfortable in an all Dixieland event than at a 
broader based event drawing multiple jazz lovers of many genres.  That is what I was 
attempting to get across in my post not disrespecting Dixieland or any 
specific festival.

and...I may add that I am the co ordinator of the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ 
SOOO don't go slammin JAZZ ...any JAZZ....
shame on you!!!

Now Now Now, I hope I have explained myself to you for a better understanding 
of my meanings, let's just kiss and make up and I'll buy you a drink, put it 
on Bob Ringwald's tab, :))    Make sure it's during happy hour however, he is 
a musician on a limited budget. :))   Please give him my best as well.

Have a great Festival and I hope it continues and is successful for many 
years.  We are really on the same side.

Gone to take a shower and wash off the poo poo now.


Tom Wiggins

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