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Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Fri Nov 5 13:26:46 PST 2004

Since Dee mintz is not a member of DJML, with her permission, I am posting 
her answer to Tom Wiggins message regarding the AZ Classic Jazz Festival.

--Bob (Live in Arizona) Ringwald
The Boondockers (Jazz and Comedy)

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> Seems like the OKOM pattern of private social clubs members are a closer
> knit
> group than even some would think.
> Many of them are headed out  for Arizona this weekend when the San 
> Francisco
> Jazz Festival has scheduled  some OKOM.  I guess they would rather sit at
> cafeteria style tables in  Elks clubs or the round banquet tables or 
> folding
> chairs
> in Hotel Ballrooms  than to go to a luxurious facility like the Davies
> Symphony
> Hall which will  feature a Fats Waller Tribute this weekend.  Also on the
> bill
> are Jay  McShann, Dick Hyman, and a host of other great artists considered 
> by
> the  writer as Traditional Jazz.
> I guess we won't have a F2F at Davies  Symphony huh?  Well maybe I could 
> take
> a mirror and have one.   :))
> Perhaps this is just one of those festivals that is so crowded hardly
> anybody
> goes anymore.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
> hey..Tom..Im not particularly in harmony with your writings to the 
> DJML...
> .
> FIRST OF ALL..the San Marcos Resort is a lovely FIRST CLASS resort...have
> you ever been there? I doubt it...there is a beautiful theatre at the 
> resort.
> AND...I really do not think that you are 'qualified' to critique  this
> festival at all...
> This person takes a step back when ANYONE mutters 'stuff' about OTHER
> festivals...THERE ARE ENOUGH FESTIVALS all over the world.....YOU like 
> what YOU
> like ,,,,and others OTHERS like what THEY like....
> its that same old story..of...one person likes porter house..and the other
> likes top sirloin..WELL steak IS steak after all... same with JAZZ... and
> festival goers~~!!
> AS FOR denegrating the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL...poo poo on 
> you...here
> at the ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL ...world class musicians   John
> Sheridan, Allan Vache', Phil Flanigan,  and Jeff Hamilton. are just A  FEW 
> of the
> wonderful musicians on our lineup...
> AND TELL ME MR WIGGINS... does the festival you are going to...have a FREE
> VENUE TO THE PUBLIC...for those who just want a 'taste' of some great 
> dixieland
> jazz?????
> and..by the way..for you information...my name is Deanna Mintz...I have 
> been
> involved in this jazz scene...DIXIELAND, CLASSIC, TRADITIONAL...call it 
> what
> YOU WISH...however..I LOVE JAZZ...just JAZZ... since the very 
> arly  -1980's
> and...I may add that I am the co ordinator of the ARIZONA  CLASSIC JAZZ
> SOOO dont go slammin JAZZ ...any JAZZ....
> shame on you!!!

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