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> Didn't see any mention of Lester Lanin's passing several days ago.  My
> comments:
> A Jazzman he wasn't, but he put a lot of good musicians to work on a
> steady basis, and the stuff they played was generally tastefully
> arranged, the harmonies correct and interesting, and the repertoire was
> packed with good standards.

Hi Harold:

Actually Steve Barbone posted it but unfortunately most folks on the list 
just ignored it.

I agree with you as did Steve that Lester was a great bandleader who employed 
many good players and at good money because he chose to work where the money 
was and proved over and over again what I always say.  There are always Good 
Gig for Good Players, but you have to exercise good judgment and play mostly 
the good gigs and pass on the cheap funky ones to keep up your own professional 
reputation as a professional musician that makes professional money and 
garners respect.

I learned the business from guys like Lester Lanin, and Bobby Short, and 
Peter Duchin, Guy Lombardo etc, who knew how to run a band and treat it like a 
business, I will be forever grateful for their leadership, too bad many more 
players did not take the time to learn the basics of the business from them when 
they had the opportunity.  As you said they also made a lot of people happy 
playing what the people wanted to hear Good Danceable Music.

Consequently it is far harder today to book a band a tour and keep it 
together making a living wage for all the players.


Tom Wiggins

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