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Mon Mar 29 23:27:07 PST 2004


I am gong down to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival in April, 
anybody who would be interested in investing into this project contact me off list, 
I will check it out while I am there and if it looks like a worthwhiel and 
potentially profitable situation I might just go take that Redevelopment money 
and restore it and operate it for a few years.   Better odds than winning the 
lottery folks and just think of the fun you would have visiting and working in 
your own piece of History.

Time for us old timers with dreams of the good old days to get active and 
bring it back, Put You Money Where yo Mouf is,  as dey say done deah in Nawlins.

We on this list talk a lot of trash but I don;'t see a whole lot of folks 
really doing anything to change the way things is these days.   Here appears to 
ba another Bonafide chance to do just that.  Heck we could even reform the 
Bulls Aid Brass Band and record live shows there and sell CDs and tour the world 
with it etc. etc. etc.


Tom Wiggins

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