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> They ended up with 27 pledges during the "Riverwalk" hour....so it will 
> stay 
> on the radio in Phoenix for the time being. It is the only hour of OKOM in 
> Phoenix for the entire week, so thank goodness they did not cancel it.
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Dear Joe:

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for your Jazz Society to go downtown and 
knock on the door of the PBS broadcast station and start promoting OKOM  
together in Phoenix.   If nobody responds to their plea for sup[port for it they 
would of course dump it asuming nobody in Phoenix cared or wanted to hear it 
anyway.  It is all a numbers game.

That is a very large city and certainly would support a lot more OKOM 
activity then 27 people if it were promoted there.   You folks need to go get the 
word out all over the city, don't hide your light under a sage brush. Let it 
Shine Let It Shine Let it Shine.

I would venture to guess that their pledges took in just about enough money 
to pay their fees to BMI & ASCAP for broadcasting it.

This is what Jazz Societies are supposed to do,  P R O M O T E   JAZZ 
everywhere they can Every Chance they Get.  Otherwise it will indeed shrivel up and 
die out for lack of interest and or support.    

Having been to Phoenix I know there are a great number of people there who 
would join your organization and enjoy the music if you all went out and dragged 
them into a couple of your events and then had them bring their friends etc,  
 Bob Romans just posted about how good your band was down there so it can't 
be because there is no good music for them to come out and hear.


Tom Wiggins
Shameless Constant Promotion.

The squeaking wheel gets the grease,

Go Squeak as loudly as you can in Bb   :)

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