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Sun Mar 28 23:51:26 PST 2004

Right on G. William Oakley:

and if it were not for all the sheep in the world these thugs would never 
have gotten away with this crap for so long.

No body minds paying their fair share for what they use, nor do they begrudge 
any artists or songwriter his right to make a living and be paid for his/her 
work, but extortion in the name of the artists is total BS and should have 
been stopped long ago.

It is really too bad that so many musicians and songwriters have been so 
silly for so long in beleiving that these sharks ever really gavbe a damned about 
them and how much money they would collect, they were only interested in 
collecting, not dispersing and they have gotten away with it uncontested for the 
most part for far too long.

I say treat them  with about the same respect as you would a two bit 
collection agency, which is what they really are, when they send the last letter that 
says FINAL NOTICE  just throw it in the garbage, it means they are not going 
to send another one..

If they want to come after you for their $15.00 tell em to come and get you, 
it is normally a bluff and they will not do so and even if they do so what you 
don't have any money so they can't get blood out of a turnip.   No kmatter 
how stupid their lawyer might be he is not that stupid to think he could get a 
little organization to cough up their legal fees and costs , and no judge in 
his right mind would allow it anyway.

Even if they were stupid enough to pursue it and get a judgment, they stiull 
have to collect, simply don't put any money in yoiur checking account for the 
to attach, go open a new one every month if you have to and make the bastards 
look for it to attach it.

There are many more ways than one to skin a cat.  WAKE UP FOLKS !

Cheers, and Jeers,

Tom Wiggins


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