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> I know a couple of musicians who get a very nice royalty check every three 
> months from BMI because songs they have written have been recorded and are 
> played often. Why not just pay the tab? Our jazz society just pays the bill 
> to 
> avoid legal hassles down the road.

Dear Joe With all due respect I would like to know who they are and 
congratulate them personally, they are indeed in the rare exceptions, or they are 
prominent recording artist in the in clique for whatever reason.

   Some guys are indeed at the right place at the right time, however 
regarding ASCAP AND BMI  the ones on the other side of the fence are more often the 

They are also so screwed up that I have very successful clients who do indeed 
get royualty checks fromt hem because they were such big stars that they 
cannot be ignored, I also however am aware of one of them who had Twenty Million 
Dollars in his bank  checking account way back in 1990, who has royalty checks 
going to another client of mine with the same legal name as him, who is a 
Grammy Winning artists and producer who never got a check for five cents for his 
own work who gets a royalty check from BMI every three months from the other  
clients account.

Damned If I will blow the whistle on it.   It is Politics Joe simply 


Tom Wiggins

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