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I got my $12 from ASCAP this year.  Of course I sent them $10 back for my
annual dues.  Wonder why my compositions don't seem to go very far towards
supporting my family.  Of course if I save up my ASCAP income for a couple
million years, it may be worth something.  Then again, there's the inflation
factor.  :-(   Dick B

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> Right on G. William Oakley:
> and if it were not for all the sheep in the world these thugs would never
> have gotten away with this crap for so long.
> No body minds paying their fair share for what they use, nor do they
> any artists or songwriter his right to make a living and be paid for
> work, but extortion in the name of the artists is total BS and should have
> been stopped long ago.
> It is really too bad that so many musicians and songwriters have been so
> silly for so long in beleiving that these sharks ever really gavbe a
damned about
> them and how much money they would collect, they were only interested in
> collecting, not dispersing and they have gotten away with it uncontested
for the
> most part for far too long.
> I say treat them  with about the same respect as you would a two bit
> collection agency, which is what they really are, when they send the last
letter that
> says FINAL NOTICE  just throw it in the garbage, it means they are not
> to send another one..
> If they want to come after you for their $15.00 tell em to come and get
> it is normally a bluff and they will not do so and even if they do so what
> don't have any money so they can't get blood out of a turnip.   No kmatter
> how stupid their lawyer might be he is not that stupid to think he could
get a
> little organization to cough up their legal fees and costs , and no judge
> his right mind would allow it anyway.
> Even if they were stupid enough to pursue it and get a judgment, they
> have to collect, simply don't put any money in yoiur checking account for
> to attach, go open a new one every month if you have to and make the
> look for it to attach it.
> There are many more ways than one to skin a cat.  WAKE UP FOLKS !
> Cheers, and Jeers,
> Tom Wiggins
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