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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Thu Mar 25 18:58:32 PST 2004

Liked your post Craig but please don't join the rhythm section as 
described. :)

Len Nielsen
Victoria Canada

Craig Johnson wrote:
> Well, Dave, you may be more tolerant than I or simply more PC.
> While I'll admit that my note was half in jest (to make my washboard
> comment.) still, I feel fairly poorly about rap music. I consider the jazz
> and
> swing age sexual innuendo at least had a bit of subtlety to it , GENERALLY
> mare a double entendre rather than an explicit step by step "how-to" guide.
> Warning -- this diatribe continues......
> Admittedly, each generation has felt we are going to hell in a handbasket.
> But I think the handbasket is getting smellier.
> -- NORMALLy the
> F word wasn't sung  (or screamed) at the top of ones lungs and songs didn't,
> overtly
> at least, recommend rape and  the killing of unwilling women, cops and
> everything
> else that moved, though admittedly there were moderately hidden comments
> about
> mr. charlie and the admitted depression and anger over being oppressed and
> "spousal"
> abuse was condoned in the lyrics.
> But, "Strange Fruit" was a fervent plea for humanity as opposed to an
> exhortation
> to open retributional massacre. And Jelly-roll's Winin'  Boy would be
> "cleaned"
> up for public consumption and the original lyrics reserved for red light
> districts
> and "the Library of Congress." (interesting grouping, there)
>  I find the comments about bitches and ho's to be "over the top" misogyny,
> but then
> I even disagree with the FCC that the f-word is fine as an adjective but not
> as a verb on the prime time public (not pbs) frequency TV.  (as opposed to
> MTV-type) channels.I personally don't consider this makes me a prude any
> more
> than my desire that no one parade nude in front of my grandchildren does,
> nor the
> fact that I don't consider my front lawn to be appropriate depository for
> McDonalds
> or BurgerKing detritus.
> THere's a difference I believe between using the f-word outright, or as a
> "hyphenator"
> and hiding it behind a colloquialism ("jass")  not understood by at least
> 70%
> of the listeners, tho I understand that in Jamaica there is no doubt about
> its meaning
> to the general public.  This ties in with my sentiment that the current
> concept of society
> that "if it feels good, do it, and if someone objects, that is their
> problem" is pure
> unadulterated crap. If I did not feel this way, my description of some of
> the things
> above would be salted with my Navy-acquired vocabulary and I'd be saying
> something
> stronger than "crap."
> However, like Al Levy I find myself becoming more tolerant. As the tourists
> drive by my house in the summer at midnight with their car windows open and
> the DBs
> at top scream I am inclined to join in to the rhythm. punctuating the 1st
> and 3rd beats with the sultry thump of a shotgun.
> After reading the above, I fully expect someone to say: "Tell us how you
> feel, Craig.."
> Regards,
> Craig
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