[Dixielandjazz] Listening to different kinds of music

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 25 21:09:47 PST 2004

Well, Dave, you may be more tolerant than I or simply more PC.

While I'll admit that my note was half in jest (to make my washboard
comment.) still, I feel fairly poorly about rap music. I consider the jazz
swing age sexual innuendo at least had a bit of subtlety to it , GENERALLY
mare a double entendre rather than an explicit step by step "how-to" guide.

Warning -- this diatribe continues......

Admittedly, each generation has felt we are going to hell in a handbasket.
But I think the handbasket is getting smellier.

-- NORMALLy the
F word wasn't sung  (or screamed) at the top of ones lungs and songs didn't,
at least, recommend rape and  the killing of unwilling women, cops and
else that moved, though admittedly there were moderately hidden comments
mr. charlie and the admitted depression and anger over being oppressed and
abuse was condoned in the lyrics.
But, "Strange Fruit" was a fervent plea for humanity as opposed to an
to open retributional massacre. And Jelly-roll's Winin'  Boy would be
up for public consumption and the original lyrics reserved for red light
and "the Library of Congress." (interesting grouping, there)

 I find the comments about bitches and ho's to be "over the top" misogyny,
but then
I even disagree with the FCC that the f-word is fine as an adjective but not
as a verb on the prime time public (not pbs) frequency TV.  (as opposed to
MTV-type) channels.I personally don't consider this makes me a prude any
than my desire that no one parade nude in front of my grandchildren does,
nor the
fact that I don't consider my front lawn to be appropriate depository for
or BurgerKing detritus.

THere's a difference I believe between using the f-word outright, or as a
and hiding it behind a colloquialism ("jass")  not understood by at least
of the listeners, tho I understand that in Jamaica there is no doubt about
its meaning
to the general public.  This ties in with my sentiment that the current
concept of society
that "if it feels good, do it, and if someone objects, that is their
problem" is pure
unadulterated crap. If I did not feel this way, my description of some of
the things
above would be salted with my Navy-acquired vocabulary and I'd be saying
stronger than "crap."

However, like Al Levy I find myself becoming more tolerant. As the tourists
drive by my house in the summer at midnight with their car windows open and
the DBs
at top scream I am inclined to join in to the rhythm. punctuating the 1st
and 3rd beats with the sultry thump of a shotgun.

After reading the above, I fully expect someone to say: "Tell us how you
feel, Craig.."


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