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Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 23 23:44:48 PST 2004

Nancy & Listmates:

Yes, when Jim posted about him, I contacted him immediately. Listened to his
music on the web site, called a few people he played with and got some venues
to agree to pay extra if he played with us, and then asked if he would come
to Philly and gig with us. I believe in helping youngsters if they want to
play jazz, and we have exactly the right audience for him in our territory.

Two street festivals and a music festival, so far. Audience will be music
lovers from very young ages in strollers to very old people in wheel chairs.
Thousands of regular people from 1 to 100.

Getting PAYING gigs for these kids, and for their youth bands is what it is
all about. Perhaps not so much as a motivator but as a way of keeping score.
Jonathan is looking forward to being paid for his effort and it is the event
promoter's way of recognizing that effort. To have your "own" money at that
age is a powerful incentive. (as differentiated from "motivator") Musical
content? "God Bless The Child"

Don't you just love that face? (see the web site)

Deja Vu? Barbone Street with Jonathan has exactly the same make up as the
Original Superior Orchestra circa 1908, New Orleans. Except our guitar is
amplified. That band included Bunk Johnson, Peter Bocage and Louis "Big Eye"
Nelson. It was a smooth band, but then Bocage and Bunk also played together
in the Eagle Band of that era which was more "blues" oriented. Without
Jonathan, we have same instrumentation as the 1905 Buddy Bolden Band. Good
heavens, and I thought we were "modern". ;-) VBG

Steve Barbone

Nancy Giffin wrote:

> From: Stephen Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net>
> (excerpt)
> <<   "... This summer, we are adding an 8 year old jazz violinist to our
> group for
> 3 gigs so far. Jonathan Russell, who is a wonderful player. He has
> played (sat in) with. Paris Washboard, Pearl Django, Grove Street
> Stompers, Chicago Six, Bearcats etc. (Google search for Jonathan
> Russell) His busy schedule and distance from us (120 miles) prevents us
> working with him even more. He will be at N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival
> in May for those who might be visiting. Well worth your time to see/hear
> him...The kicker? Our gigs are paying gigs for him, not sit-in gigs..." >>

Nancy Giffin then wrote:

> AND Jonathan's dad, Jim Russell, is (was?) a DJMLer.
> I've raved about young Jonathan twice before on this list,
> and I'm happy he's making his way to your area --
> sounds great! Besides being talented and dedicated to jazz,
> what a cute kid!
> One more time, his website is at: http://www.jonathanjazz.com

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