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Tue Mar 23 16:03:15 PST 2004


Years ago someone told me that Ken Colyer only listened to New 
Orleans jazz and that was what one should do.

I think it was bad advice. Once you have a good idea of what you 
really want to play then I think that listening to various forms of 
music can give you fresh ideas to express in the particular form you 
have chosen to adopt or practice. Hope that makes sense.

I used to only listen to NO style jazz. After I got married I found 
myself listening to a lot of rock and R&B from my wife's collection. 
We now listen to rock, R&B, Blues, jazz (not much after Gillespie and 
Bird), classical, cajun - at different times any one of these styles 
hits the spot. I think the broader spectrum of music has helped 
broaden my musical perspective and helped me to better understand 
what it is I try to do when I play.

You are right Tony, keeps one from getting stagnant and old fashioned and 

Kinda like eating the same thing for breakfast and dinner every night of your 

Not to mention making love exactly the same way and in the same amount of 
time every night of your life, which will no doubt explain so many divorced 
musicians.  Unless you happen to be in a spouse swaping club and play to a 
different partner every night.  oops!

Musical content:   "Changing Partners"   C#  to  Bb


Tom Wiggins

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